Ray Kriegbaum and Associates can help you with website creation and hosting.  We can even help set up an e-Commerce solution that you can afford.


Websites—You DO have one, don’t you? This is extremely important these days for your customers and potential customers to be able to find out about you and your services.  Sites range from very inexpensive basic information to highly-polished e-commerce sites and everything in between. (This site is an example of a SIMPLE site; for better examples see our client’s sites, Hauger-Bunch Realty, FTSI, Fla Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration, and Tampa Bay Truck Center


We also arrange hosting for your website, you do not have to have your own webserver in order to have a website.


E-Commerce—If you have items to sell over the Net, we can help you set up your site to accept orders and handle credit card payments.  There are several options ranging from a free-standing shopping cart service to a fully integrated accounting, inventory and customer management system.  Let us discuss the options with you.


Using our Sage 100 Accounting system, you can create e-commerce sites for your customers or an on-line store without the expense of custom programming.  Ask us!


E-MAIL– This can be provided through your webpage so you are “you@yourcompany” instead of “somebody1234@hotmail.com.” It looks more professional, is easier for people to remember and can come directly to your computer as it is received.  You don’t have to constantly go to a website, login and check to see if you have any new mail.



Internet &  Website  Solutions

The Web is the No. 1 resource people are using to obtain information.  Are you there to be seen?  What do you look like?

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