Actually, it’s “Whom” but that isn’t the point.  If you do not have your own in-house Information Systems staff, then you need someone to assist you in applying  today’s technology to your business’s needs. 

With over 30 years experience in small and medium sized business computer systems, Ray Kriegbaum and Associates provides it’s clients with professional,  efficient systems and personal service not available from many other firms.  When you have a question or a problem, you want answers NOW.  

Through our firm and our associates, we can provide a wide variety of services and products to meet your particular requirements.  We want to be YOUR Information Systems staff and we work toward long-term relationships with our clients so you will feel comfortable giving us a call whenever you have a question.

Ray Kriegbaum has over 30 years experience in Information Technology, computer systems and small business.  He has worked for Fortune 200 firms and small businesses to assist with their PC and network computer needs.  Ray  Kriegbaum and Associates has been in business since 1980 providing Information Services to small and medium size organizations.  Ray  has taught undergraduate and graduate computer  and  business courses at three colleges.

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The people you will work with are more important than the hardware or the software!  Choose carefully.

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