Just like your CPA or lawyer, we work for you only when you need our expertise.  Some of the areas in which we assist our clients include:

· System Design and Implementation

· PC and Network Support

· Software Audit, License Administration

· Custom Program Design and Creation

· Custom Forms and Design

· On-Site User Training and Support


Here is a “Freebie”  for you:

In any IT-related project there are 6 areas to be addressed.  If you have covered all these in your planning then your project should be a success.  Here they are:

1. Hardware —The first thing everyone thinks of.

2. Software — This determines what you get out of your system, not the hardware.  Buy the best software you can get, save on hardware if you must.

3. Data — You have to have the data you need in order to produce the reports you want.

4. People— This is your people in-house and your consultants working together.  Do you have the right people, enough people for the job?  Are they trained?

5. Procedures— Not just computer procedures, this includes the manual procedures necessary to do the jobs needed.  They need to be documented and backups trained if necessary.

6. Communications— We almost always need to share information and obtain information from outside sources these days.  What are your needs and how will it be accomplished?


Call us and let’s discuss your needs, without charge or obligation, of course.


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Your business is doing what you do, not trying to play computer geek!

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