You have several options for your telephone service, not just the local phone company.  In addition to copper phone lines you can use T-1 dedicated digital lines, DSL, cable and fiber optics.  VOIP, Voice Over Internet Protocol is becoming very popular and may be able to save you quite a bit of money every month.  We’ll be glad to discuss your options and prices.  Every situation is unique.


Digital Telephone Systems

Now, small and medium sized businesses can have the same capabilities in their phone systems that big companies do.  Multiple auto attendents, voice mail for every user, music or promotional messages on hold, overhead paging, remote extensions, even multiple offices connected together as a single system.  Ask about our affordable systems from TalkSwitch and Allworx.  We also support older analog systems as well such as Nortel, Avaya, NEC, Panasonic and others.








Telephone Systems and “CTI” - Today, voice traffic is becoming just another type of data to be handled.  Our network cabling associates have experience with traditional telephone key systems and we can also provide Computer Telephony Integration with features such as a “Universal In-Box” where all your E-mail, voice mail and even faxes arrive.  “VOIP” (Voice over IP) allows your phone system to use the same network as your computers.  You can link offices together and even be on your company phone system while working at home or at a remote location.



Telephone, Voice & Data Solutions

“Convergence” is the new IT buzzword.  Voice, Data, Video and who knows what else are all coming together.

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