LANs, WANS, MANS … Windows Server, Citrix, Linux … IBM, NEC, HP … IP, IPX … CTI, MCSE, CNE, CNA, CCNA, MCP ...


The alphabet soup of IT can be confusing.  You just want a network to work and let you do what you bought it for, reliably.  We help you make use of technology, not be its slave.  Together we will plan what you need, get it working and keep it working for you. 


Whether you need a simple LAN to connect a few PCs in-house or a more complex wired and wireless solution with multiple locations and remote users we will make it efficient for you.  Our certified engineers are trained on Novell, Microsoft, Cisco, SonicWall and CheckPoint systems and have experience in all types and sizes of networks.


We also have professional network cable installation teams for your Category 5 and 6, coax and fiber optic requirements.  We test and certify our installations.  Our trained technicians also set up wireless bridges and access points using professional grade components.


Our unique SoftSpot wireless hotspot package allows you to easily offer secure internet access to your customers or visitors while keeping your internal network secure. And you can do it without adding an additional costly broadband service.

Network Services

Your network should work for YOU, you shouldn’t  have to work for IT!

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